An IT professional & a webdesigner. I started this career in Portugal back in the late nineties and took it with me as a freelancer everywhere I lived (Well I lived in 5 countries so far!!).
I was always fascinated by the world of photography during my career... One of my early jobs had introduced me to Microstock images, where designers can use licensed photos in their designs for web, printing and publicity... Since then my passion with photography has started to grow day by day.
I started to do photography for Microstocks and personalized for my client's use as well.
Traveling is one of my passions & recording some memories with photos from around the world is another obsession I have. I believe there is a beauty in every little thing you shoot. Therefor I made this page to share some of my photos and the result of my passion.

Enjoy the world through my lens!

My portfolios on Microstocks
Royalty Free Images Stock Photography Stock photography by Maen Zayyad at Alamy